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King Christian IIIs son, Duke John, came in possession of the island as a titular Duchy, the island was again divided into several smaller Duchies later on, but this venture failed eventually. This list excludes members of the nobility of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburgsome of whom were born at born in Augustenborg Palace. The islands Augustenborg Palace has been converted into a hospital, there is an exhibit about the castle, the town and its ducal history in the buildings entryway. Augustenborg has a population of 3, 1 January The palace, and the town consequently, received the name in honor of Ernest's wife Auguste, herself also from a branch of dukes of Schleswig-Holstein. The palace, and the town consequently, received the name in honor of Ernests wife Auguste, the palace became the chief seat of their line which used the name Augustenborg as its branch name.. During the s and s, he was a claimant to the provinces of Schleswig and Holstein, and a candidate to become king of Denmark following the death of king Frederick VII. He was also a claimant to the rulership of the provinces of Slesvig and Holstein , and he was also a candidate to become king of Denmark during the succession crisis caused by the childlessness of king Frederick VII of Denmark. He lost the chance to ascend the throne to his distant kinsman, prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck. His father was the head of the senior cadet branch of the ruling house of Denmark, and this the nearest agnatic kin of the kings of Denmark. Due to all this, Christian August was high in the line of succession to the Danish throne.

The students organised a fund raiser for Alexander but Ms Augustenborg never asked for money nor she did she receive any, according to the TV station. Share or comment on this article: Briana Augustenborg hoax: Most watched News videos Enormous rat stuck in a manhole is saved by German animal rescue Disturbing video of six-year-old's 'Momo' suicide game interaction Jealous husky drag away its puppy to so it can cuddle its owner Suspect shoots at a group of people on the street in the Bronx Staffer eats pizza behind Ed O'Keefe covering Cohen's testimony GMB presenters in hysterics after Kate Garraway makes weird noise Puppy pile! Investigators are now questioning Ms Augustenborg over the made up little boy. It all began two weeks ago when Briana Augustenborg told colleague, Holly Sandoval, the mother of an Eagle Valley High football player, of the fake child's ordeal. Woman 'tricked high school into raising cash for dying leukemia boy who DIDN'T exist - by using picture of South African cancer victim she found on internet' Police are investigating Briana Augustenborg, 22, who they believe thought up the elaborate hoax Students at Eagle Valley High School in Colorado raised money, made posters and dedicated an entire football game to the fake boy Locals became suspicious after little 'Alex' supposedly died the day before the match and contacted authorities By Helen Pow Published: Share this article Share.

By marriage, however, Frederick Christian drew closer to his cousins, the Danish royal family. Following Charles August's death in MayFrederick Christian himself was the leading candidate to become the new heir to the Swedish throne. The story of antecedents of the prince's marriage goes as follows: In Februarythe nation's foremost statesman, Chief Minister Count Andreas Peter Bernstorffhatched an ingenious plan for the young princess, something that often has been customary with a royal child suspected of not being sired by its nominal father but in its mother's illicit liaison: Since a male child of hers could inherit the throne some day, it would be advantageous to arrange a marriage early, and to marry the "half-royal" back into the extended royal house, to the Hereditary Prince of Augustenborg. The danger of Louise Auguste marrying into the Swedish royal house the latter danger was rather low, however: Binding agreements were made as early as inwhen Frederick Christian was 15 and Louise was only 9 years old. Frederick Charles died on June 14, He was succeeded by his eldest son, Christian August IIthen but sixteen years old. The couple lived at the Castle for many years until the Christiansborg Palace fire of and the death of his father, the Duke of Augustenborg Frederick Christian I, at which point the prince inherited the estate and the duchy. Over the years, conflict arose between Duke Frederick Christian II and Louise Auguste's brother, King Frederick VI of Denmarkespecially over the relationship of the double-duchies of Schleswig-Holstein and the Duke's own small appanage around Sonderborg on the one hand and the Danish monarchy on the other.

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King Christian II was a prisoner at the castle — The city was razed in during a Prussian assault on Danish….

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