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Anthony Weightman: Jem Sharples: The concept has been around. Interviewer Anthony Weightman chatted to Jem Sharples during their latest tour.. This image graces many book covers and has been used for depicting life in the Regency era. Looking closely, one sees that the assembled party seem to be enjoying the occasion as they wait and chat. John Harvey, author of Men in Black , , a book about the predeliction men have had over the centuries for wearing black, noted on p. The white-haired man to the left is dressed in the older style, with light-coloured knee-breeches and lighter stockings. The stooping man to the right is a transitional type, wearing black knee-breeches, black stockings. It is the man to the right of him, in looser black trousers, who is dresed as the century was in future to dress. The men at Mr. According to a recent newspaper report, The Dolphin, a 3-star hotel in Southampton, will close at the end of this month. The building that houses the Dolphin was erected in and the hotel dates from , a venerable history. Southampton is a medieval city.

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The Assembly Rooms with its ballroom soon became the focal point for social life of Clifton society. Looking closely, one sees that the assembled party seem to be enjoying the occasion as they wait and chat. Local artist Rolinda Sharples has captured for all time the atmosphere of a ball in the Rooms in about From Clifton at Play. Self portrait of painter Rolinda Sharples with her mother. In all, the hotel had 70 bedrooms and 20 sitting rooms.

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